Rural & Agri Systems Research & Consulting Services Pvt.Ltd.
Dedicated to the rural cause

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Rural Consult is a consulting company incorporated in India as a private limited company. The Core Strength of Rural Consult is “Rural Outreach”. Rural Consult has developed networks of rural outreach agents all over the country and has the capacity to penetrate any village in the Country.

We provide Strategic Advisory and Implementation Support Services to:
• Corporate Sector,
• Government Sector, and
• Non-governmental organizations

We operate following Core Verticals
• Rural Skill Development Initiatives
• Rural Sustainable Livelihoods and Capacity Building Initiatives
• Rural Outreach
• Social Mobilization and Facilitation
• Project Management and Corporate Social Responsibility

Employee Registration

Rural Consult channelizes skilled manpower at entry level to the corporate sector. We have wide and deep rural outreach and capacity to mobilize rural youth from the length and breadth of the country....Employers ,please register your entry level skilled manpower requirements.

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Rural Unemployed Youth

At Work and in your village we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get in touch with us.You can always contact us using our counselors’ general enquiry numbers or you may like to contact one of our counselors directly. We also have self services available through our Online Services wherein you may enroll right now.

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