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All roads are presently leading to the Rural India. Rural India is a fountain of youth. Rural India is the principal source of manpower to run the wheels of Industry, Services and Business. India has perhaps the largest potential rural market in the world. It has as many as 47,000 Haats (congregation markets), compared to 35,000 supermarkets in the US.

Moreover, of the total FMCGs demand in India, nearly 53 per cent comes from the rural market. For consumer durables, the figure is 59 per cent. In next two decades the rural Indian market is expected to be larger than the total consumer markets in countries such as South Korea or Canada today, and almost four times the size of today’s urban Indian market

Untapped market of Rural India coupled with its sheer vastness gives plethora of options for social, political and business entrepreneurs to expand their interests. Realizing the importance of reaching the rural households, more and more organizations are experimenting with alternative channels for effective outreach.

The rural India is not homogeneous and is also faced by the challenges of the geographic spread and low population density. Rural India poses challenges in the arena of communication as well - principal being communicating to a heterogeneous rural audience. The individual sections of this market are not too big, although the overall size is large. There are Geographical, demographical, and logistical differences. Positioning and realities regarding the potential of each of these tiny segments differ and lie at the very core of forming the strategy for the rural penetration. “Rural Consult” models provide effective platform for penetrating the rural areas.

Rural Consult operates following Core Verticals
• Rural Skill Development Initiatives
• Rural Sustainable Livelihoods and Capacity Building Initiatives
• Rural Research
• Social Mobilization and Facilitation
• Rural Infrastructure and Integrated Development Initiatives