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Rural Networking Experience!
• Are you already involved in rural mobilization and facilitation activities?
• Do you have experience in rural communication?
• Are you willing to be located in District and Sub-District level?

If yes! We invite you to join hands with us in our Mobilization and Counseling endeavors in rural India

Job profile & Desired Traits of the Candidate
• Back ground in social work (Male / Female)
• Location: Across India
• Description: Require fresh graduates in Social Work or experience in social work who do not hesitate to work in rural areas.

Preferred Qualities

• Good communication skills (English / Vernacular)
• Own transport
• Mobile Phone
• Internet Savvy
• Willing to learn
• Honest and Committed
• Work Profile: Work in rural settings; rural communication and outreach, mobilization, facilitation,      networking in rural areas.
     Do you relate yourself with these traits? If yes, email to or call +919350171230

We appreciate references from Credible People in the field

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