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NRC is fully owned and set up by Rural Consult and is the hotbed of all the outreach activities. These are intended to be the mentoring centers for the lower hierarchy of outreach centers focused on five core activities, including: (1) Planning, Organizing, Coordination (2) Business Promotion (deepening and stretching outreach), (3) Skills training and Placement, (4) Regional Data-Processing and MIS and (5) Capacity Building, Training, Counseling/ Mentoring and Relationship Development.Rural Consult has identified 50 locations for NRCs in non-metropolitan areas as well as in metro centers which serve surrounding rural areas.
SMCs Meet all NRC criteria and have a goal of becoming independent NRCs in future. Each NRC may have average of 10 Satellite Centers for mentoring. Each Satellite has a core staff of mobilizers, supervisors and Counselors .
Administratively part of a main NRC, with a shared mobilizer on route patrolling a low density rural cluster. Using a cell phone, and an internet connection. Each out-stationed mobilizer schedules services in surrounding villages on a rotating basis and reports periodically at the NRC
NRC Route Riders work from the NRC office but lack permanent local offices. They travel a definite track between the main NRC office and target villages and households on motorcycles. They seek assistance for camp office space for some functions from the local Gram Panchayats / Farmers’ Clubs and other social organizations.
The village contacts are educated local youth having mobile connectivity who assist in organizing local events, door to door mobilization, and counseling. These village contacts meet periodically for capacity building and information sharing. These village contacts are in constant touch with the Route Riders and assist him in effective outreach.
A "virtual" internet NRC is expected to provide by and large the same services as being provided by NRC. As rural population lags behind in access to and use of the internet, this model is a glimpse of the future. Presently the Virtual NRC is under development.
Proxy contacts are small NGO operating at grassroots level and are created by identifying and training an interested local NGO / active SHGs / Farmer’s Clubs. These are focused on organizing scheduled workshops or programs and providing logistics support to NRC Circuit Riders and Village Contacts.