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Job Placement Executive has the responsibility to oversee and manage various activities pertaining to the placement of the rural youth undergoing skill development training in various training centers of Rural Consult. Job Placement Executive has to develop and maintain a large database of potential recruiters. The efficiency of this professional depends on the number of placements carried out by him. He needs to have excellent communication skills to be able to interact with the HR people of various organizations. Also, he has to network extensively and take advantage from the existing reputation of the Rural Consult. The role involves designing brochures, maintaining placement website, interacting with companies, organize their visits and take care of all logistics, maintain all relevant records.

Job profile & Desired Traits of a Candidate

• A Placement Executive's success is conditioned by his ability to understand the needs and requirements of both the trainees and employers.
• Prepare rural youth undergoing skill training for job interviews
• Profile matching so that the right candidate is placed for the right job depending upon the guidelines given by the employer.
• Interaction with content development team and master trainers for improvement in training content for greater acceptability of trained rural youth in the job market.
• Customization of training curriculum to match employer requirements.
• Familiarity with the current labor laws.
• Excellent communication skills
• Preferred background in Human Resources Management Urge to grow.
• Excellent Communication skills.
• Needs to have result oriented approach.


The candidate must possess the experience in the following areas:
a) Scanning and Scouting the employment opportunities at entry level in various skill domains
b) Maintaining a data base of the trainees. Maintaining details of each and every trainee passing from Rural Consult with his / her name, address, educational qualification, technical qualification, telephone number, mobile number etc
c) Arranging campus selection.
d) Improve Industry-Training Center-Interaction
e) Providing counseling and guidance to the trainees
f) Post Placement tracking of the trainees till they are suitably settled

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