Rural & Agri Systems Research & Consulting Services Pvt.Ltd.
Dedicated to the rural cause


Rural Consult assists the Corporate and NGO Sector in project management of complex integrated rural development initiatives like PURA, Rural Warehousing, Rural Market Development, Rural Infrastructure Development etc. Rural Consult has been involved in facilitation of PURA. Following services are provided:
• Preparation of DPR
• Implementation of Integrated Projects in Rural Areas
• Audit of Rural Development Projects
• Development and Maintenance of Project MIS
• Monitoring and Evaluation of Integrated Rural Development Projects
• Fund Raising for Integrated Rural Projects

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) advisory and implementation Vertical of Rural Consult is a natural outcome of its rural outreach The Rural Consult CSR vertical provides end-to-end solutions for companies to identify, prioritise, plan and implement strategic CSR initiatives. The deep rural orientation of the company and a focussed insight into the sector supplemented with strong delivery platform based on the more than 300 NGOs closely working with Rural Consult at the grassroots level – gives Rural Consult a unique perspective for CSR function. The CSR Vertical of Rural Consult is well positioned to facilitate CSR initiatives in length and breadth of rural India.

CSR advisory services

• Advisory services to the company’s management and key stakeholders to priorities the CSR activities
• Conducting base-line surveys, socio-economic surveys focussed on ascertaining the development gaps, aspirations and priorities of the rural households and reference for project management.
• Identification, capacity building and coordination of NGO partners / other implementing partners
• Forging convergence with other agencies for the CSR support – convergence with other donors, and Government Programmes
• End-to-end Project Management support for PPP for integrating CSR with holistic programs like PURA, SGSY, and other government programmes.
• Project Monitoring and Evaluation functions
• Conducting a stakeholder needs assessment and advising initiatives for leveraging resources and meet your stakeholder’s expectations
• End-to-end Project Management services from preparation of DPRs, fund raising, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.