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Rural Skill Development Initiatives


Most landless and other ‘below poverty line’ (BPL) rural youth face the dilemma between apparent exit option and apprehensions of an uncertain future in an alien land.

The core of the dilemma is lack of employable skills in the first place.

The outreach of most skill development programmes in rural areas is principally impaired by high cost involved in mobilization of youth due mainly to the low density of the target population as compared to urban settings, poor accessibility and other infrastructure, remote locations, the limited nature of the rural cash economy, apprehensions about opportunities beyond village boundaries and ignorance due to lack of information.

Rural poor youth are unable to enter the modern labour market even at entry level due mainly to low quality rural schooling and thus limited basic skills.

On the other hand employers in the industry and services sector in the semi urban and urban areas are deflected by very high transaction cost of sourcing manpower from the rural communities who live in relatively low density and widely dispersed settings, in remote areas, lacking in basic skills, unpredictable duration of employment due to experiencing of very high attrition rates.

As a matter of fact, lack of an effective medium to reach out to the rural youth is the number one constraint in the first place. Barriers exist between the demand and supply in the employment market due mainly to lack of effective “Rural Outreach”.

“Rural Consult” has evolved to fill this ‘Rural – Urban Barrier’

The Skill Development Initiative of “Rural Consult” banks on its core strength of extensive and effective “Rural Outreach” and provides its services for removing the rural to urban migration barriers by facilitating mobilization, counselling, skill development training, placement factoring and handholding of rural youth.