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Most landless and other ‘below poverty line’ (BPL) rural youth face the dilemma between apparent exit option and apprehensions of an uncertain future in an alien land.

The core of the dilemma is lack of employable skills in the first place.

Mobilization is the first step in the relationship. Rural Consult reaches the unemployed rural youth through road shows, publicity, career seminars and counseling camps, radio and TV clipping publicity, Road Shows in rural haats, Melas, organizing focused job melas, and through virtual employment exchange.

The mobilized youth is then invited for counseling sessions and interaction with peer groups who have in the past undergone the transition from rural area to employment centers. The youth are counseled in groups and encouraged to express their aspirations and choose a suitable field for their future career. The counseling of parents is also undertaken either during the youth counseling sessions or right at their village. This process encourages the rural youth to prepare mentally for the transition. In this phase the youth is then fully informed of the training process and contents, the probable employers, expected salary and benefits, employer’s expectations from the prospective employees. The youth after rational evaluation of the potential career enrolls for the training programme. The enrolled youth is then subjected to training process.

The training structure is modular with equal emphasis on soft skills, job skills and customized training as per the potential employers. The training modules usually range from 21 days to 60 days and are conducted in flexible schedules taking into consideration the seasonal local labour commitments, examination schedules of studying youth, festivals, compulsions of local elections, rains etc. Usually the youth may also be required to further undergo on the job training as per the requirement of the employer which may range from 3 – 7 days.

After completing the training modules and success in periodic and final examination by third party, successful youth are awarded Certificate of Successful Completion of Training detailing the competence gained by the individual. The Third Party Certification is done by approved and reputed Third Party Examination and Certification Agencies. The Certificate so provided to the youth empowers him / her to seek employment in the field of certification throughout life and is therefore a tangible and durable asset in the hands of the rural youth.

Much before the start of each batch of training and sometimes even immediately after or during the counseling and enrollment process itself, Rural Consult starts the process of finding suitable placement for each of the youth depending on his/her aspirations, qualification, experience and intention to migrate. Each trained and certified youth is given opportunity of placement and counseled to mentally prepare to proceed for employment immediately on completion of training. Placement is the “Center” of the whole model on which Rural Consult operates. Mobilization, Counseling, Training, and Certification are focused on placement as the outcome.

Rural Consult provides constant handholding support through counseling and assistance in finding affordable housing in the locations of employment. Mostly the employers are encouraged to handhold their new employees for these roles.

In case of any of youth enrolled with Rural Consult, if for any circumstances looses his/her job or voluntary moves back due to any contingency and if he/she desires to be employed again, Rural Consult provides relocation assistance through its placement networking. Rural Consult has evolved systems to regularly keep a track of each youth enrolled with it till the youth fully settles in the alien land and himself terminates contact.


At Work and in your village we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get in touch with us. You can always contact us using our counselors’ general enquiry numbers or you may like to contact one of our counselors directly. We also have self services available through our Online Services wherein you may enroll right now. Our contacts When you call us we may also ask for personal details to make sure we have the right information in front of us while we talk with you.

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