Rural & Agri Systems Research & Consulting Services Pvt.Ltd.
Dedicated to the rural cause


Rural Consult facilitates social mobilization in rural areas. Rural Consult leverages its strength of rural outreach to create awareness among the rural community, help them to organize, and empower them for decision-making and prioritization. Depending on the requirements of each assignment Rural Consult facilitates stakeholders to build the capacity of rural communities for preparation, implementation, operation and management of community subprojects to enhance their livelihoods.

Rural Consult identifies the target communities and households based on the secondary information available in the district: ethnicity, income level and access to basic service facilities etc., after due consultation with concerned stakeholders and key informants. Rural Consult facilitates for participatory research and action.

Rural Consult through its Rural Outreach also provides technical assistance, particularly in conducting rural socio-economic surveys, rural market studies, and prefeasibility and feasibility studies. Rural Consult Outreach Agents are experts in Participatory Community Action Planning and Research (CAP&R) process. Rural Consult is positioned to facilitate any solution in the arena of rural social mobilization

Rural Consult provides Facilitation Services for:
1.Rural Participatory Planning and Research
2.Group organization
3.Training and Capacity building of groups and organizations
4.Development of networks of the rural community and rural institutions
5.Rural Project Management
6.SHG formation, handholding for maturation to Bank Linkage and Micro Enterprise Development
7.Development and Management of SHG Federations
8.Development and Management of Producer’s Companies
9.Developing Marketing Linkages and Support